Windows 8: IT Support Made Easy

The release of Windows 8 is scheduled for Friday October 26 and has many consumers anticipating the purchase of a new computer or notebook. What many people might be missing about the release of Windows 8 is the high availability of the operating system on tablets. With a full blown installation on Intel based tablets, Windows 8 users can experience the complete desktop they are used to but have the easy of portability a tablet. Complete touch capabilities allow the user to interact with the desktop without mouse or touchpad, true to both tablets and desktops with touch enabled monitors.

With the mobility and accessibility of applications to employees on the rise, network support for these devices is increasingly harder because of the multitude of different operating systems available. The Albuquerque IT services office of Network Performance has already deployed Windows 8 on tablets to ensure the usability of these devices on customer networks. The Windows 8 operating system provides support coverage that is much broader than local Albuquerque network support. As complete control over Android based and IOS based devices is still a work-in-progress, many configurable options are not available to a remote IT support technician; instead an Albuquerque IT support technician will have to service the device onsite. Windows 8 tablets can carry the full Windows 8 capabilities that are available to Albuquerque network support technicians in the Windows 7 operating system: VNC, Remote Desktop, GoToAssist, QuickConnect, and more. Because of this, IT support for mobile devices is no longer location specific.

Windows 8 also brings the complete desktop to a tablet format, so any program can be installed on the device. Waiting for vendors to make your programs fully mobile functional is no longer a requirement. QuickBooks and Peachtree users have been waiting for products that offer all the capabilities of the desktop version and have been disappointed by the recent and past releases. Although the solution is still not provided by the developers, the services of Network Performance have a way to make all those feature available, finally. That is just one example of solutions that Network Performance provides ahead of the actual product developers. With Windows 8, Network Performance doesn’t have to wait for solutions, it makes them.

Companies that require IT services in the Albuquerque, Denver, and surrounding areas can get an in-person demonstration of the benefits of Windows 8 on tablets, notebooks, and desktops. Those outside the area can receive the same demonstrations and exceptional IT services over the Internet. Network Performance strives to bring the best to its customers through accurate reviews of software, products, and solutions. Let Network Performance deliver the experience of application mobility, security, and maintenance through top-of-the-line IT products and personnel.

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