• Business Tools
    Network Performance business tools provide simple cost effective solutions for any Small to medium sized business.

Network Performance Business tools

 The Network Performance Business tools are line of business applications that are designed to help businesses reduce the amount of on site tech expenses and provide a suite of tools and applications that can enhance any business.

  • Busines Class Email our business class email services provide you will all the functionality of exchange at a fraction of the cost.
  • Secure Client Portal Secure documents transport and management system.
  • Office Applications Our office applications can replace you word, excel, and power point applications.

Tools to help you succeed


Office application – Our office type applications are a set of applications similar to the Microsoft office suite of applications. They include programs similar to Word, Powerpoint, and Excel. Every business relys on these programs for their day to day tasks. Network Performance provides a free set of business tools that can effectively replace these applications.



Business Class Email – Our business class email is a email solution that utilizes a web interface but can easily be connected to outlook or other applications. Many small and medium businesses know the expense involved in



Online backup – While there are many online backup solutions available what most do not tell you is their systems do not support baking up critical server operating systems. Since most businesses rely on server to protect and store their data having a backup solution that can not back up that critical system can result in catastrophic loss of data.



Client Portal Services – Any business that needs to transfer client files needs this kind of solution. Our secure portal service uses high end encryption to allow you to store your clients files in a secure location that you can give them access to. Allowing them to access those documents without ever worrying about your clients data being compromised.



Hosted IT Solutions

  • secure client documents
  • hosted email for business