• 24 x 7 Monitoring
    24 x 7 Monitoring Our revolutionary monitoring system was designed for networks needing 24x7 up-time. Your network can benefit from this amazing service.

Protect your IT investment - 24x7

NP revolutionary network monitoring services, monitors and maintains over 75 resources in real-ime on your servers and network resources. Utilizing this new approach is saving businesses thousands on IT support costs by using a proactive approach to network management. NP is now able to respond to network and server issues as they occur, minimizing down time and recognizing negative trends in your network before they become a problem. This IT service can be used with NP SPS (System Protection Services) or as a notification system for your own IT staff.

System Protection Services

Monitoring your network alone will not prevent negative trends from turning into major problems with out user intervention. This is why NP offers a combined monitoring and support service called SPS.SPS (System Protection Services) is a new approach to business IT services. With the mind set that maintaining a network properly is better than waiting for it to break. SPS uses 24x7 system monitoring, custom tailored to your server / network environment along side professional IT support staff and solutions to provide real time support to your network when you need it as you need it.

“With NP SPS our company has been able to drastically reduce the amount of time needed to maintain our servers. When we moved our first servers to SPS I was a little skeptical but once we saw our first set of notifications and reports I knew we made the right choice. Utilizing SPS has also freed up our staff to spend less time maintaining our network and more time working on projects that make the company money. I would recommend NP SPS to any business big or small.”
CIO of Liquid Broadcast