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Secure Support - Fast

Network Performance delivers 95% of all IT service and IT support from outside of client office locations. With the enhancements of Internet connection speeds and the implementation of state of the art network support software, engineers can support more devices, from anywhere. This method allows Network Performance to bring fast IT support to every user whether in the office or in the field, while reducing wait times for resolutions. Network support reaches beyond Albuquerque and the Denver area's by implementing strategies that allow IT support for organization's remote workers as if they were in the central office. 

With comprehensive IT service plans, beginning at basic monitoring and ending with 24x7 managed support, an organization can match their required service level with the appropriate IT services plan. Because so much work can be completed from off-site, wait times for technical support are reduced, software installs and updates can be automated for completion after hours, and maintenance tasks can also be completed without interrupting work flows. Network Performance's Remote Management and Monitoring software also provides technicians the ability to support clients from "behind the scenes". With this implementation in place, clients can receive IT support for most tasks while they are still working on their computer, enhancing productivity.

Mobile Device Management - MDM

Fast IT support and network support does not end there, but now extends to those mobile devices that are either provided by company or by the employee. Network Performance's Mobile Device Management service can apply configuration files and provide compliance levels determined by the organization. If a device is lost or stolen, it can be instantly wiped clean of any data. Similarly, if an employee leaves the organization, the employee's device configuration can be updated removing any data and software that belongs to the company and leaves the employees personal data and applications in tact. The device only needs to be connected to a cell phone connection or wireless internet connection to complete these tasks, from anywhere. Terminating employees and ensuring data integrity just got easier.

The Bring Your Own Device, or BYOD, trend has complicated compliance and security tasks while adding an extra element of required IT support. Organizations must provide comprehensive network support to these devices to avoid litigation or corruption of internal data. This service is very affordable and can be included with any IT service plan. Don't make the headlines for oversight, choose an Albuquerque, Rio Rancho, Denver, or Fort Collins IT support organization that covers all your support needs, from anywhere.